Guts n' Glory!

Guts n' Glory
It's a Warriors World

So where does one get inspiration for such a shallow sounding campaign? Heavy Metal!!!

Yeah ok, it sounds cheesy but really it is more deep and story oriented than it sounds. I have always wanted to play a character that is a warrior soul type of cliche; always eager for a battle, an ale and a fine wench to swoon over his deeds, scars, muscles and gold.

Heavy Metal bands have been an eternal source of inspiration to me from their testosterone driven anthems, to their soft operatic metal poetics to the sweeping epic tales woven with a poets mind, a warriors heart and a steel heart of romance. I have created so many stories, personalities and memorable events based on lyrics of my favourite hundred metal bands.

Jazrar is my homage to these inspirations. He is the warrior of my heavy metal soul and by thunder he will weave a fine tale before he dies, be it in glorious battle or by the fireside of an anonymous inn when he is old and no longer fit for anything else but nostalgic memories and tales of heroes bold, brothers and sisters in arms, battles grand,ladies fair and of burning sunsets under blood red skies, where those lost in battle lay dead and dying all around.

“Saddle my horse, as I drink my last ale, bow string and steel will prevail!” – The Crown and the Ring, Manowar.


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